Store Operational Excellence

Retail Insight’s unique approach in maximizing retail excellence consistently delivers unbeatable performance and sales growth through:

  • Customer Service.
  • On-Shelf Availability.
  • In-Store Process.
  • Staff Training.

Following best practices helps us to answers critical questions like.

  • Is merchandize plan rightly implemented in stores?
  • Is the space allocated as per the sales performance?
  • Are the inventory managed properly?
  • Is the assortment mix customer centric?
  • Are promotions reaching the target customers?
  • Is your staff productivity at optimum level?
  • Are you able to focus on your customers?
  • Are you using the right information to support stores?
  • Do you have healthy scoreboards to measure

This solution we provide is a foundation for store performance/process excellence, through implementing right strategies derived from business understanding and in-depth analysis.

RI analyst will provide professional, well trained representation that will enhance your company’s image and maximize your sales potential.

RI Analyst will:

  • Continuous look after on store activities in coordination with the Store Manager
  • Generating, monitoring and reporting all relevant metrics
  • Extension of the Planning Team
  • Deciding on set of agreed-on “actions” needed for enhancing and supporting the Business – thus improving store efficiency
  • Plannogram Implementation
  • Highlight implementation issues
  • Install promotional displays
  • Ensure continuous reordering of low or out-of-stock items
  • Capture information/customer feedback and report to organization