Smart Retail

Unified Commerce Means SMARTER Retail Taking a step towards scalability, streamlining the technologies makes customer experience delightful. This can be made possible when retail complexities can be reduced and make the customer journey better from interaction to transaction.

Retail is Complex as it no longer proves to be manageable or profitable. As the competition rises so does the customer expectations and market demands thus, retailers to pull up their socks to stay on track.

Assortment Optimization

Effective planning with store clusters.
Space & assortment planning.
Merchandise planning.
Space-aware assortments and recommends an accurate range to fit within the available space.

Price Management

Pricing, speed & accuracy – in memory pricing greatly reduces pricing calculation time and reduces price requests centralized Price Recommendation Engine creates unique customer identities.
Product price elasticity of demand & business rules.
Price Elasticity Model of Demand = f (price, store and demography attributes, promotions, competition, weather, events, holidays).

Perishable Planning

Effective planning method towards procuring, storing, and consuming to achieve the at most quality and maintain the fresh – plan and demand in a quick & fast-moving scenario.
Master production schedule & advanced planning, localized recipe.
B2B capabilities to cater non-retail sales.
Supports advanced simulations.

Promotion Management

Reach shoppers across all channels – including e-commerce – with multi-channel promotional strategies.
Right promotion types.
Identify products for which cannibalization.
Automatically manage stock before, during and after promotions.
High on-shelf availability without excess stock.

Product Lifecycle Management

Chain Reaction® PLM is designed for companies who want to spend more time designing fast selling products, and less time in managing people, and processes.
Single catalog management.
Planning, sampling, workflow, purchases, and reconciliations.
Integrate with your e-commerce sites (B2B and B2C).
Point-of-Sale (POS) setting from the head office.

Warehouse Management

Supports barcode scanning, efficient inventory counts, workflow automation, flexible fulfillment options for all types of retail effective planning with store clusters.
Configurable goods-out workflows.
Blind returns management.
Reconcile deliveries and returns.
Shipping label integration.
Agile picking.
Regular cycle counts and review.