Digital Retail- B2B eCommerce Portal Development

Business to Business

Supplier onboarding

Organization hierarchy

Contracts and workflows

Seller price managment

Self-service account management

Request quote

Order allocation and fulfillment

Order approval

Promotion management

Business to Consumer

Real-time pricing

Unrestricted product access

Guest checkout

Buy online, ship to home

Recommended products

Direct payments

COD or buy online pickup offline

Assisted service module

Reserve online, buy in-store real-time pricing

Order Orchestration

Aggregates orders from all channels

Supply chain visibility

Ability to Promise (ATPs)

Inventory allocations, enable transfers in stock-out situations

Provides intelligent, rules-based order sourcing

User-defined events & tracking fulfillment

Multiple Shipment options (ship complete, ship line, etc.)

Integrated with dropship – track and trace