Connected Retail

A new modern approach towards e-commerce is emerging where technology is connecting everyone and everything.

The retailers on the other side are on a continuous run to keep pace with the rise in the demands of consumer experience through multiple channels.

The consumers today expect their experiences shopping in-store and online to be a smooth and seamless one.

Marketing Automation

Involves strategizing and choosing the right set of tools to help integrate sales and marketing processes through CRM Integration, automated drip campaigns, lead scoring and targeted personalized audience response.

Pull in data from across touch-points.

Creates unique customer identities.

Run true ‘Cross Channel’ journey orchestrations.

Advanced predictions and recommendation engine.

Endless Aisles

Interactive touchscreen that allows in-store customers to browse and buy a wide variety of merchandise. Showcases all of the products whether they are in-stock or not.

Suggested products.

Empower sales staff, optimize retail space.

Compare products.

Locker Box

 Electronically operated locker compartments of different sizes (small, medium) and types (freezer, ambient).

 Collection of order, record time stamp, process returns, reason code, and order status update, and doors unlocking.

 Load orders, clean lockers, expire orders, deliver orders – order loading recorded, order status update and process returns – order number with products for return/refund.

Intelligent Checkout

Digital approach to offline shopping. No billing queues and no paper receipts. Plan shopping lists, discover offers and pay digitally.

Reduction billing queues and cashiers staffing problems.

The convenience of ordering.

Paperless solution.

Digital Receipts

Electronic receipts are a smarter, more engaging alternative to paper. Receipts feature rich HTML and are easily customizable to include loyalty incentives, product recommendations and promotions, and shopper surveys.

Shopper feedback.

Automated triggers.

Product recommendations.

Promise Management

Omni channel customers with multi-location pickups needing automation in first mile ops. Automation in pickup and delivery allocation to reduce time and improve customer experience.

First Mile – Pickup App, Auto Allocation, Carrier Integrations.

Last Mile – Route Optimization, Delivery Slot Prediction.

 First attempt delivery percentage, Notifications, PUDO Dashboards.