Automate Retail

Retail Insights aims to deliver digital empowerment by utilizing smart automation as a pre- configured platform based on retail industry standards:

Establishing an automation center of excellence

Build the business case for automation and RPA

Begin executing the plan for automation deployment

Formalizing an enterprise automation roadmap

Identifying opportunities to support business initiatives

Assess and act quickly on short term savings

Script Based Automation

   Platform specific
   Runs on data layer
   No support for semi-structured and unstructured data type
   Manual exception handling

Rule Based Automation (RPA)

   Platform agnostic and runs on UI layer
   Limited support for semi-structured data type and no support for unstructured data type
   Manual exception handling

Cognitive Automation

   Observes every action performed by the user, learns continuously and deduces the workflow & prioritize them as well
Decides based on the learning & the critical decision points
   Acts once the critical process flow has been learned and instantiate the virtual work agents
   Enhances existing process by continuous learning and identifies new opportunities


Improved compliance


Improved quality


Improved productivity


Average FTE capacity provided by bots


Operating cost reduction


Improved accuracy

High level Activities in each phase

Discover and Plan

Assess current state, define roadmap and framework for automation: identify, design, develop, and enhance


Co-develop automation projects, develop in-house capability to support automation initiative

Operate and Optimize

Stabilize bots, refine automation program/ bots to deliver desired output, manage exceptions


Manage/ update knowledge base, shadowing and reverse shadowing, knowledge transition


Merger acquisition accelerator

Retail Insights executed the complex project to build an end to end automated eco system to standardize incoming data formats, automate product conversions, enhance data quality & in turn expedite current and future mergers.

Warehouse automation

Eliminate multiple paper based verification steps within inbound-outbound, receiving, quality check, put-away, and shipping processes. Bespoke solution from Retail Insights has helped client in eliminating paper records, creating Auto-claim and email notification to buyers, and enhancements such as supplier audit logs, and on time deliveries and happier customers.

Catalogue management automation

Issues with data inaccuracy between product information on website and their internal systems. Current manual process was tedious and error prone.

Retail Insights’s hyper automation solution scours e-commerce website to fetch product attributes, which are then compared with data from client’s existing stock product system 99% accuracy in verification and updates .

Supply Chain Automation

Enhance their visibility of shipments across their supply chain network to enhance their promise delivery date commitment.

Retail Insights’s solution is convergence of smart contract and IOT sensors to  enable a non-human intervention mode of  tracking movement of goods under prescribed  conditions and monitoring breach of conditions. 

Order Management

Reduce manual efforts spent on order creation and updates. Retail Insights’s virtual workers (Bots) handles incoming orders, order status, and shipments updates, makes it easy to have customers buy, receive and return their orders anywhere.

Loyalty Management System

Enhance their back office operations for loyalty management.

Retail Insights’s bespoke solution tracks and records usage of multiple loyalty tokens rewarded to customers which includes gifting of tokens, purchase of merchandise & exchange for different tokens in the ecosystem. 


Big Data Analysis – Sales Forecast

An intelligent system sets up variables that influence the sales of a product, ranging from factors such as price and promotions, all the way through to the effects of the weather. Through big data analysis, the intelligent system is able to accurately estimate the impact that each influencing factor will have on sales, and how sales will perform.

Big Data Analysis – Assortment Optimization

Retail Insights’s assortment optimisation produces space-aware item assortments for individual stores, store clusters and channels. The solution provides visibility specific categories as well as category performance down to the shelf level.

Trade Management Automation

A unique solution to ensure better collaboration with vendors for better pricing negotiations and rebates on early payments.

Retail Insights’s cloud based Retail Insight cloud application system is being deployed as pilot to provide client a higher visibility of vendor performance, reducing the risk and improve the financial controls.

Contactless Checkout – Pilot

To enhance the in store experience of the customer client was exploring solution to make checkout process as lean as possible.

Retail Insights has build a REST API based integration layer to EPOS system with real time image capture and sensing using in store cameras for SKU identification and auto billing from EPOS system.

POS Automation

Retail Insights automated the POS system using next-gen simulator for cashier actions.