Score cards and Dashboards

Dashboards and KPI’s at the store and department level monitor the performance of the store, will synchronize sales, marketing, operations and help business to be more customer centric.

The goal of this service is to integrate the three pillars of an enterprise — people, processes, and information — into a single discipline to manage and control. It helps the organization to continuously improve processes – a ‘process optimization’ process and eases business stakeholders to analyze and identify what matters most to the businesses.

This solution we provide is a foundation for performance/process improvement, through methods like benchmarking, setting up KPI’s and which in turn facilitates business transformation and innovation.

RI Analyst will:

  • Extension of the Head Office Operations Team.
  • Coordinate with head office operations team to identify the functions in the business to be monitored closely.
  • Set the right KPI’s in the Scorecarding which will measure stakeholder’s function.
  • Generate the Dashboards in periodic manner and automate the same for quick and accurate data.
  • Deciding on set of agreed-on “actions” needed for enhancing and supporting the Business – thus improving different functions in the business.
  • Generating, monitoring and reporting all relevant metrics in periodic manner.