Tredan - Trade Promotion Management

Trade Management includes the activities from onboarding vendors, obtaining the price quotes, rebates and allowances, negotiating the contracts, listing their products, planned purchases, evaluate performance, make sure the right payments are done.

Why Trade Management – streamline the trade lifecycle with high visibility of vendor performance, reducing the risk and improve the financial controls.

Target Setting and Planning   Promotion Effectiveness and Tracking
Negotiation, Execution and Payment Reconciliation

Solution Tenants

Vendor management, rebates & allowances, reconciliation, performance management, support omni channel deliveries and space management.

Operational easiness – minimize administration efforts, speed & accuracy, flexible settlement options, reduce leakages, increase margins via targeted, advanced analytics for forecasting sales performance and promotion effectiveness.

Technical Architecture

Angular – PHP.

Rest full API’s.

Service-oriented architecture.

Cloud & Component-based.

Platform Benefits

Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) – simplified data model – Trade Programs mapped to vendor/Store/UPC, loosely coupled Micro Service Architecture and Configurable business rules.


Integrated Omni channel kit-more and more retailers are striving to build omnichannel experiences using APIs. To drive omnichannel success, Retail Insights has developed Catalyst Accelerator for Retail, a set of API designs and implementations that codify integration best practices for product fulfillment, customer onboarding, and conversational commerce.

Why Integrated Omni channel kit- build, deploy and run the application that requires a widely disparate and diverse set of platforms and technologies.

Unified View of Multiple Data Points   Addressing Algorithmic Retailing Problems
Solution Agility and Improve Time to Market by 50%

Solution Tenants

Complex channel and logistic networks, optimized inventory management, improved product availability, synchronized allocation and replenishment, order orchestration and enabling store fulfillments.

Technical Architecture

Cognitive rules engine.

Microservices architecture

Cloud Native & component-based.

Platform Benefits

End to end supply chain visibility, Accurate, timely, relevant supply chain information. Order Management System orchestrate and optimize the customer order fulfillment process. Enabling Digital supply chain with improved visibility and cross channel fulfillment. AI-driven promise management last & first mile deliveries with predictive alerts

Employee base – Workforce Automation

Employee base employee app puts HR policies and procedures directly onto the personal smartphones of all your employees, including the increasing number of hard-to-reach and mobile workers.

Why employee base real-time engagement indicators detect trends and patterns that will guide future transformation initiatives.

Informative Dashboards   Communication   Engagement

Solution Tenants

Digital pay stub, sick notices, vacation requests, shift schedules.

Chats and chatbots, Geo-fencing, company news, guides, and FAQs, employee directory, videos, surveys and feedback, employee recognition.

Technical Architecture


REST API for new users.

Ionic App.

Platform Benefits

The mobile-first employee app—communication for large organizations. Reach all your employees with instant notifications from your branded, native mobile app.

Go beyond News – add features that employees love, such as chat, an employee directory, and surveys. AI-driven chatbots, analytics to measure results and prove the impact of your communication.

Retail Ops - A Do It By Itself Story

Retail Ops automation services help our clients to automate processes and move up the process maturity value chain and have extended white glove support to Retail customers with a focus on early interventions through digital concierge across retail Landscape.

Why Retail Ops digitally empower the workforce to deliver great business results using smart automation. your digital workmate takes on manual and repetitive activities, working hand- in- hand with employees to help them enhance their performance and focus on higher priority work.

Zero Upfront Costs   4-step Approach – Business Case, Orchestrate, Manage and Innovate

Solution Tenants

Catalog reconciliation, Distributed Order Management.

Product information data entry.

Marketing Automation.

Cart Abandonments – Emailer, paper invoice processing, store profitability – End of Day.

Technical Architecture

Rule-based Automation (RPA).

Cognitive automation.

Platform Benefits

Automate the physical flow of goods and services.

Automate data flow and decisions.

Automate ecosystem as per the business priorities.

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