Merchandise Optimization

Retail Insight’s breakthrough analysis help retailers to implement store specific and customer centric plans to stay ahead of competition in retaining customers.

The solution helps retailers with capabilities like grading and clustering, strategic planning, merchandise planning, assortment planning, space planning.

RI Analyst will: We help merchandiser & category managers to keep right product on shelf and maximize the sales by effective utilization of shelf space. We help in creating store specific plan-o-gram, ensure optimum supply chain efficiency and reduce out of stock to deliver sales growth.

Plan Effectively with Store Clusters –

Reduce effort and investment required to plan for any increasingly diverse customer base by allowing retailers to plan effectively by identifying a practical number of clusters like stores. Helps retailer to define and drive growth and profitability objectives across the dimensions of corporate regions (stores), channels, and departments/categories.

Space & Assortment Planning –

Utilize powerful optimization tools to leverage products, store fixture and performance data enabling retailers to plan localized assortments based on the store clusters and maximize the space utilization. Helps retailer to plan a variety of assortment mixes and create balanced range plans, with unique market-based, customer-based, fashion-based, and price-based assortments.

Merchandise Planning –

Develop a merchandise plan, with critical measures and KPIs like sell-through, markdowns, and shrinkage, to arrive at the buy, sale and margin-$-off for the various departments of the merchandise.

Achieve Store specific plans –

Helps manage distribution, to execute store level plannogram that are accurate, while ensuring the right product is in the right place at the right time in the right quantity, and in the right size.

Achieve localized assortment without putting pressure on Supply Chain. Measure & refine assortment & space plans at store shelf level using compliance monitoring process metrics and dashboards. Helps align to the current trading environment and maximize the opportunity and minimize over-stocks.

RI Analyst will:

  • Extension to the planning and merchandising team.
  • Make contact with store personnel.
  • Measure the equipment and type of equipments.
  • Produce relevant reports to help in planning stage.
  • Implement approved programs.
  • Ensure event follows merchandise principles.
  • Develop key metrics to monitor event.
  • Document all activities, problems and results.