Consumer Intelligence

We help retailers to understand who the customers are, why and what they purchase and identify segmentation of customers based on lifestyle, shopping behaviour, and value.

We help retailers to answer key questions like:

  • Who buys what, when and what sequence.
  • Which product combinations are bought, the Market Basket.
  • Demographics of customers making the purchase.
  • Optimize base prices, promotions, and markdowns with a detailed understanding of cannibalization.
  • Refine promotional strategies based on targeted segments.
  • Understand what items should be promoted or merchandised together to drive sales and profitability.

RI Analyst will:

  • Help focus on target and potential customers.
  • Identify the need for the analysis – to understand the buying behaviour of the loyal customers.
  • Integrate the recommendations into the merchandising plan in making right product mix and plan-o-gram.
  • Adding new segmentation insights based on consumer demand for marketing programs.
  • Help in loyalty programs.
  • Understanding the in-store effects of marketing programs outside the store.