Category Management

Retail Insight’s helps you to manage categories as strategic business units, producing enhanced business results by focusing on delivering consumer value.

The solution help retailers review category performance and make fact-based decisions in a timely manner to capitalize on opportunities. Also help them in introducing new/own brands to keep them ahead of the competition.

We help retailers to answer key questions like:

  • Understand competition current market trends.
  • Understand the consumer/purchase behaviour.
  • Elements driving the category like price, assortment, promotion, availability.
  • Optimizing brands/sku’s.
  • Optimizing the space.
  • Loss/shrinkage.

RI Analyst will:

  • Extension of the Head Office Planning, Marketing and Merchandising Team.
  • Data analysis and data interpretation on category performance in periodic manner.
  • Assessment of new product performance in category.
  • Brand/SKU performance reviews.
  • Determine the right product mix.